Vivax Male Enhancement Reviews : Side Effects, Scam, Ingredients, Does it Works?

Vivax Male EnhancementA friend recommended Vivax Male Enhancement a while ago and since I started working out recently I decided I should give it a shot. I recently recovered from a football injury and getting back in the gym is both difficult and absolutely essential. Before my injury I spent at least one hour in the gym every day and had a ripped body. I trained for over 8 years to get the results I was looking for. Unfortunately in a matter of months all of this disappeared and I have to start from square one. I’m not ready to spend another 8 years to get my old body back. To add to this I turned 29 last month and know very well the results of low testosterone. I am already feeling some of the symptoms of low testosterone and know very well that the only way to get me back to my old body and energy is a testosterone booster.

What is Vivax Male Enhancement?

One of the first things I do when I consider a supplement is to check out the official website where it is sold from. I have been scammed more than once in the past before my injury so I know very well how to spot the possible scams and marketing tricks. The official website looks great and isn’t just the one page site that throws selling pitches at you every two words. They actually didn’t have a lot of information on the product itself but this shouldn’t be a problem as I have other sources as well.  What they do state is that it is the most intense supplement on the market and offers the maximum performance in the gym (and as it turns out under the covers as well).

It is developed with a combination formula of Tribulus and L-Arginine which are both proven to improve athletic performance and offer fantastic results. The supplement is an excellent source of L-Arginine something that the body requires replenishment and once you get a boost you in turn get a boost in testosterone and boosted performance in the gym. There are no calories and it is very easy to use as you don’t have to make shakes or mix powders, just take a capsule.

Within the supplement there are more than 3000 mg Testosterone boosting Arginines. There is no caffeine in the formula which ensures you don’t have any jitters and you receive a NAD nutrient delivery boost. This results in an incredible boost in endurance and power. These are all great benefits and I have heard it all from other supplements on the market but few have delivered. Also, the supplement is Creatine free and contains no sodium which ensures no side effects and better results.

Ingredients of Vivax Male Enhancement:

When I am reviewing a supplement in hopes of one day taking advantage of its benefits one of the things I look for is a supplement facts sheet and a description of the supplements. This is essential for researching what the results will be and if it is a safe product. I like to research the ingredients in external websites, read reviews on them, and in general get a better idea of the formula.

Supplement Facts:

Tribulus Extract – 400 mg – Though this is one of the most used ingredients in similar supplements it actually has very little research into its effectiveness. With that said it is widely used for improving physical endurance and overall athletic performance. There are no known side effects and it is absolutely 100% natural and safe.

AAKG – 400 mg – This is another common ingredient found in many supplements for improving athletic performance and muscles. It is actually considered possible effective to help prevent blood supply problems so it will help your muscles get more blood and nutrient supply thus improving circulation and performance. It also helps prevent muscle breakdown. There is also evidence found that overall athletic performance improved though a trial it was showing taking it for 5 weeks actually does show positive benefits. It is considered safe with no side effects.

There are a number of other inactive ingredients found in the supplement but nothing dangerous, simply ingredients that make up the capsules. These two main ingredients actually seem promising.

This pretty much sums up the information I found on the official website of Vivax Male Enhancement. Though this was rather disappointing as this is the website that actually is supposed to sell the product, however there seem to be many great reviews that I can go by to get more information about how it works and what it is. What I did was a brief research outside the website on other reviews to get more information about the product.

What Others Say about Vivax Male Enhancement?

I found on several other reviews great benefits of the supplement, benefits which were missing from the official website. They claim that you will see positive effects in less than 30 days. Positive effects such as a 52% more ripped body, a 42% athletic boost, and 35% reduction of fatigue. One thing I did like was that the supplement is 100% free from unwanted fillers and binders which means you get 100% risk free results.

Reasons to take Vivax Male Enhancement:

  • Boosts testosterone
  • Get a lean body
  • Boost sexual performance
  • Build muscles
  • Get ripped
  • Raise aerobic and anaerobic performance
  • Lose weight
  • Boost energy
  • Decrease fatigue
  • More confidence
  • Delay muscle fatigue for longer and better workouts
  • More attention

Many of these reasons are actually not necessarily due to the ingredients but rather that they improve testosterone levels. If you are experiencing low testosterone levels your athletic and sexual performance suffer. This is why at one point in your life when you feel the symptoms of low testosterone it is essential to take a testosterone boosting supplement. A supplement like Vivax Male Enhancement is known to help improve testosterone levels through its active ingredients ensuring that you feel fantastic again.

Benefits of Taking Vivax Male Enhancement:

Just like the reasons to take the product the benefits are relatively similar. They are more or less the same benefits one would get from increased testosterone levels. I am quite impressed with the list though, regardless as they are exactly what I need. I only wish I had found this information on the official website rather than on a 3rd party website.

Complete delay in muscle fatigue – this means that muscles will not get tired while working out and you can go on for longer and lift more

Lean body – higher testosterone levels means that your body will be able to deal with hard to lose weight areas, such as that beer belly, easier and it will improve your metabolism so as not to turn everything you eat into fat

Improved sex drive – this is something that I didn’t think about but it has definitely become an issue. A boost in testosterone helps improve the sex drive giving you that urge and performance of the 20’s

Anaerobic and aerobic endurance – your heart and body will be able to go on for longer

Boost in energy – each of the ingredients, especially when combined, help give you more energy

Boost testosterone – personally I think this should be the main and only benefit of taking the supplement as the rest of the benefits are primarily because testosterone is boosted.

Maximize muscles – this does depend on you and the amount of work you put into it

In general what I’ve learned is that the supplement will help you have more endurance, more energy, less fatigue, increased sex drive, and when combined with a good workout and diet will help you get the ripped body you want.

Tips for Getting Results with Vivax Male Enhancement:

One of the things I found in other websites was a list of tips that will help you get the results you seek. This is especially important because many people think that just taking a supplement will give them the ripped body they want. Unfortunately, things don’t work this way. It is essential that you work hard in order to get what you want and regardless if you are taking a supplement or not it’s essential to understand that there is no magic pill.

Combine with proper workout – the more you work out the better results you will have. A supplement is used to boost the results, not replace working out or shorten your workouts.

Eat Healthy – eating junk food or food that is unhealthy and not suitable for someone trying to build muscles is pointless regardless if you are taking a supplement. Avoid fatty and oily food and avoid extra calories.

Protein filled diet – this is a given for anyone spending time in the gym.

Work out Longer – yes, you will have more energy, take advantage of it for faster results.

Doctor consultations – it’s important that before you start taking any supplement you speak with your doctor and go on regular checkups to make sure you are adapting to it properly and using it properly to get best results

My Experience with Vivax Male Enhancement:

After my friend recommended the product and I researched the ingredients and ensured that it is safe to take I ventured to order the trial offer. I was impressed with their speedy delivery and actually started taking it immediately. I only had 14 days to actually test it out but I think that was more than enough to convince me. I noticed that from the first day I had an increase of energy and more endurance while I worked out. Though physical results would not be seen immediately you will certainly feel a refreshing serge of energy.

Just before my trial was over I decided to cancel and order a 3 bottle package instead. I thought cancelling would be a problem as it is with most similar websites that I’ve dealt with in the past. I decided I would wait a day or two to re-order just so I can test their customer service. I called on the 12th day to cancel, which gave me another 10 days to send the bottle back. I was impressed how well they handled it, they tried to convince me to stay with them and continue taking the product but I declined. After that it was smooth sailing and they notified me that it would be no problem and gave me the necessary information to send the rest of the product back. Since then I have ordered the 3 bottle package and am two months into it. My reflection still surprises me. I am back to the ripped muscle pumped body I was before my injury and feel great. You can ask my wife what she thinks about the other benefit, a fantastic sex life. She can’t get enough of me!

Do I Recommend Vivax Male Enhancement?

Absolutely. At first I was skeptical. The official website does lack in information but certainly makes it up in quality product and customer service. I was worried about their auto ship program and getting out of it but no such thing. I think that Vivax Male Enhancement is the real thing!

What’s the Cost and Where to Buy

You are actually offered several options when it comes to the supplement. You can either select the trial option where you order and pay only the shipping and handling or buy one to 5 bottle packages.

Trial: $4.95 shipping and handling – 14 day trial from day you receive the bottle – call to cancel and return within 10 days or you will be charged the full amount of $89.00. You are also signed up for their auto ship program where you will continue to receive a new supply every month and in turn, charged $89.00 monthly.

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